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Most frequently asked questions

How to deposit in BBOD?

You need to link your wallet first (the one that you used to create custody). Make sure you use a wallet that you control 100%, which means no centralized exchange wallets.

My transaction to transfer ETH/BBD/TUSD to BBOD is failing.

Please make sure you are paying enough gas fees for the transaction.

Why is the minimum of 2.5 TUSD / 0.02 ETH required to create custody?

BBOD uses a uniquely secure and transparent solution to keep your funds safe. This amount is used to pay gas fee generated while creating a dedicated smart contract for you on the Ethereum blockchain where all your funds are saved.

Will I permanently lose 2.5 TUSD / 0.02 ETH that I pay to create a contract?

No! You will receive 2.5 TUSD / 0.02 ETH in your account balance instantly to trade.

I want to withdraw 2.5 TUSD / 0.02 ETH that I paid just now to create a contract.

Sure, you can withdraw it after the blockchain settlement at 0:00 UTC.

How long does withdrawal process take?

It takes up to 2 hours until withdrawal process completes.

Why is my withdrawable amount significantly smaller than my balance? My balance is 100 TUSD but I can only withdraw 50 TUSD? I made 50 TUSD profit trading one hour back.

Wait for settlement at 0:00 UTC completes. You can withdraw the full amount after your funds are settled on the blockchain. Also, make sure your funds are moved to the SPOT balance. You can only withdraw spot balance.

What time does the blockchain settlement start?

It starts every day at 0:00 UTC and it lasts for about 15 minutes.

How long does the settlement take?

It lasts for about 15 minutes.

I have opened a leveraged position but I cannot close my position. It shows insufficient funds.

If you have used all the leverage available to open a position, you won’t be able to place a limit order to close your position as you don’t have sufficient leverage available. Use the market order to reduce or close your position, instead.

How much leverage does BBOD offer?

BBOD offers up to 50x leverage on BTC & ETH. It also offers up to 25x leverage on altcoins.

How do I check how much leveraged my position is currently?

You can check that on the Leverage section in the Account info tab right below the chart.

How do I set my position to particular leverage?

BBOD uses cross leverage by default. If you still want to change leverage, you can move the balance from perpetual account to spot account. Only your perpetual balance can be used for perpetual futures trading.

What wallets does BBOD accept?

BBOD operates Erc20 wallets. Bear in mind not to use wallets originating from another trading venue and you must have exclusive access to it (public and private keys).

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