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Conscious Contribution

BBOD Green Trading

Plant the trees with the fees!


Our Vision

The BBOD Team believes in ‘Healing Corporations’ – i.e. making the world a better place through business and their profits, as we are strongly convinced that business should be a catalyst for a better world.

We decided to donate up to 15% of our trading fees to selected foundations, and you, as a BBOD trader will automatically participate in the contribution just by trading.

As our BBOD community member you have the opportunity to offer projects close to you that you feel need help. Every month we will further offer you to vote in helping us choose the project which will receive the donations. Through this initiative we would like you to join us in this ongoing idea.

In the beginning of our journey we would like to introduce you to two foundations that truly touched our hearts; Plant-for-the-Planet and One Humanity Care.

Plant for the planet

Plant for the Planet

Plant-for-the-Planet is an organization founded in 2007 by (then 9 year old) Felix Finkbeiner. Its aim is to raise the awareness of both children and adults of the importance of planting trees and saving our planet from deforestation and so, higher CO2 rates. After succeeding in planting one million trees all around the globe, Plant-for-the-Planet’s next aim is to plant 1 trillion trees. In 2015 the organization acquired its own planting area in Mexico, from which we will receive updates on our and your contribution to planting those trees.

Because our population is constantly increasing and our lives becoming less eco-friendly, our CO2 emissions have drastically risen as well. Trees need this CO2 to breathe and give us back the oxygen we need to live, in return. Burning and cutting down big amounts of trees is like harming our own lungs on purpose.

Trading on BBOD means contributing to our planet’s trees and securing healthy lives for our children and their children.

One Humanity Care

One Humanity Care (OHC)

OHC is a foundation formed by Krishnaji and Preethaji – philosophical leaders, bestseller authors and founders of O&O Academy. OHC currently helps 155 villages around the O&O Academy campuses, and has a vision to care for a total of 1,000.

OHC provides these newly transformed, ‘smart villages’ with access to clean drinking water, improved roads, uninterrupted electricity and planting trees. The children are also provided with appropriate nutrition rich in proteins and education centers to improve the conditions for their future.The villagers are taught about sustainable farming and the importance of working together and caring for every member of the community. Overall, OHC also cares for clean sanitation and access to medical care.

Our Conscious Contribution Manager, Michelle, has personally visited those villages, helped the volunteers paint new houses for the villagers and learnt about the progresses that have been made and that still need to be achieved.

By trading, you too can join in contributing and improving the lives and future of these villagers.


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