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About Us

We are pizza lovers at heart. Big dreams taunt us in our sleep. We wish for a place where anyone can get their pizza, whenever they like it and HOW they like it. We are trying to do everything in our power, but we're only armed in pizzas after all. Oh, and we do some coding too.


Our Mission

Perfection simply doesn’t satisfy us. Everything can be better, faster, stronger. We will never stop growing. Everyday is a struggle to become the most awesome trading venue. We want you to grow with us.



Lines of code written



Movie references used



Pizza slices eaten



Coffee cups drank



We would never dare to screw you over. Our main objective is to give you peace of mind while you’re busy trading. That’s why we give you full control over your digital assets and inform you about everything happening at BBOD.


You make us better. Whenever we create anything we always have your best interest in mind. We encourage you to voice your needs so that every new feature created will hit the spot. We want you, our community, to be the backbone of our venue.



We strongly believe that this marketplace is meant for its users. Creating a safe space for a dialogue with our community is our dream. We want users to help us bring our A-game and provide us with their feedback.


BBOD Solutions

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Market Watch
We already have 18 coins and more is yet to come!
Trading View
Charting web service with historical and real-time data about our tokens
Current Instrument
All the info you need about current symbol
Follow buy and sell orders in an asset
Recent Trades
Peek into recently made trades
Order Execution
Simple order execution process
Account Info
You always know what's going on with your account
Trading Info
All your positions in one place

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Product Feedback

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